Department of History

The department was opened in 2004-2005 as a part of Humanities Science College /Koya University. In the first year of starting academic year took 50 students and until now 9 rounds of students are graduated and obtained Bachelor’sdegree.
This means, the first round (2007-2008), second round (2008-2009),third round(2009-2010),fourth round(2010-2011) belonged to Koya University. When the Raparin University established, the history department in 4-4-2011 became a part of the School of the Basic Education and Human Science at Raparin University. After that, the first round of students graduation was in(2011-2012),second round(2012-2013),third round(2013-2014),fourth round(2014-2015)fifth round(2015-2016).Recently, this department belongs to the college of human science at Raparin University in 4 stages with 208 students with19 lecturers working in the department that 2 of them are studying PhD abroad